Let's Make The WOW Lappis Happen!

WOW Lappis is a Lappis that is more social, communicative, artistic, creative, colorful, participatory, and resident-run.

Lappis Summer Dream Day?

On the 12th of June we will have a 1-day event called Lappis Summer Dream Day, where the 19 funded dreams will be turned into reality and showcased during this day, after being created and realized in the days prior!

Get involved

Everything will be very DIY, and we are meeting up with Dreamerz (+ other residents that are interested, that could be you!) for a BBQ + CODESIGN sessions, held both Tuesday 1.06 (6-8pm) and Friday 4.06 (5-7pm), where we will talk about how to actually make the dreams (planning, materials needed, visuals, etc). Interested in helping turn these dreams into reality? Pass by!