Lappis Summer Dreamz Day

Sunny Sunday Live DJ Sets in M...

Sunny Sunday Live DJ Sets in Main Square

The idea is to provide rudimentary equipment for playing live DJ sets at the lappis square. There is a booking timetable, so everyone gets a chance to play!


Main Square of Lappis (Location #1)

How does it contribute to the WOW Lappis?

By spreading good vibes and good times in a socially distant outdoors setting



Speakers (JBL 300)4 000 SEK
(Used) DJ Controller2 000 SEK
Total6 000 SEK

Existing funds

2x Speakers (JBL 300) - LOm4 000 SEK
DJ Controllers (People bring in their own)1 SEK
A generator - LOm1 SEK
Total4 002 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
1 998 SEK

4 062 SEK

funded of 6 000 SEK goal

sarahr contributed 60 SEK