Improv in Main Square

Who doesn't love people trying to be funny on the spot? I know I do! We would need some people who always want to do improv but I know some improv games!


Main Square of Lappis (Location #1 or Location #2)

How does it contribute to the WOW Lappis?

More social and artistic!

Would you be able to help make this dream become a reality?




Plywood 1220x2440mm (x2)600 SEK
Total600 SEK

Existing funds

Pallet 800x1200mm (x6) - need to find (maybe ICA)1 SEK
Total1 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
599 SEK

348 SEK

funded of 600 SEK goal

summer contributed 100 SEK

vladcapitanu contributed 100 SEK

thelappismugger contributed 50 SEK

sarahr contributed 30 SEK

dbenen contributed 67 SEK