Lappis Summer Dreamz Day

Da sharing library/food/anythi...

Da sharing library/food/anything closet

Ever felt the pressing need to read a fine book, but you are a cheap person? We got you covered, here's your free deposit/take-away book shelf next to the bus!


Parking space along Professorslingan (Location #4). Close to ICA/Professorn, near the bus stop.

How does it contribute to the WOW Lappis?

We all have stuff lying around like books we have already read, food that will expire soon, or even free things that we'd like to give away but we just don't. This closet would allow people to centralize their donations so others can enjoy them. Sort of a cabinet with plexiglas doors to allow users to see the content while protecting it from the rain, snow, etc.



Plywood499 SEK
Hinges70 SEK
Outdoor paint100 SEK
Plexiglass199 SEK
Total868 SEK

Existing funds

Nails1 SEK
Plexiglass1 SEK
Total2 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
866 SEK


funded of 868 SEK goal