Lappis Summer Dreamz Day

SPOTTED - Anonymous messages f...

SPOTTED - Anonymous messages for your crush

This project is about creating a board that would allow people to display positive messages for others in Lappis (Love message, thanks someone, compliment...)


Paddle court / Outdoor gym (Location #3). Any location here could work, maybe in the middle where people can easily pass by, or near the sport zone

How does it contribute to the WOW Lappis?

These messages would help reinforce Lappis community and feeling of unity. It would also help people to connect and meet new people, to be more aware of each other! (+positive atmosphere)

Would you be able to help make this dream become a reality?




Plywood179 SEK
Corkboard80 SEK
Total259 SEK

Existing funds

Stand for board (Fluke)1 SEK
Plexiglass board to protect from rain (Fluke)1 SEK
Total2 SEK
Funding goal:
= Costs - Existing funds
257 SEK

202 SEK

funded of 259 SEK goal

kostis_lom contributed 100 SEK

Somebody contributed 50 SEK

fluke_tatiana contributed 50 SEK